Services available

1. Out-Patient Services: Clinics hold every Monday at the Out-Patient Department and we offer a range of services which include neuropsychological assessment, diagnosis and treatment of common mental disorders in the elderly like dementias and mood disorders .

2. Emergency Services: This is available all day for elderly patients with psychiatric emergencies such as delirium and other acute psychiatric emergencies.

3. Psychological Therapy: This is an integral part of the care of the elderly with mental disorders. Psychological therapies offered include cognitive behavioral therapy, supportive therapy, and family therapy.

4. Occupational Therapy: Social skills training, assessment of daily living skills and training.

5. Daycare services: For acutely disturbed elderly patients.

6. Inpatient care: Facilities are available for admission for patients requiring inpatient care.

7. Home visits: For follow-up care of patients.

8. Caregiver counselling: This goes beyond counselling, and includes diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric morbidity in caregivers.

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