We offer the following services;

Clinical work: Hospital-based psychiatric services to mentally ill accused persons/offenders

• Outpatient & Inpatient care for mentally ill persons.

Prison in-reach services

• Benin prisons
• Oko prisons

Medico-legal services (court-related services)

• Forensic psychiatric assessment of individuals involved with the criminal-justice (legal) system
• Assessment of accused persons' competence to partake in judicial proceedings (fitness to plead)
• Determination of criminal responsibility
• Provision of expert assistance to individuals and organizations, plaintiffs and defendants, lawyers and the courts in evaluating psychological factors relevant to civil and criminal proceedings.
• Mental state assessment and opinion on referred cases from statutory bodies, e.g. Federal Road Safety Corps, the Police, and the military
• Provision of court reports

Expert assessment and advise on civil competencies

• Testamentary capacity
• Guardianships
• Child custody determination
• Parental competence and termination of parental rights
• Child abuse/neglect
• Psychiatric malpractice

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