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I want to welcome every one of us to this very important epoch-making ceremony of conferring honour on a man of honour, an intellectual juggernaut, a public service icon, a man with magnificent experience as a matter of medical best practice. I am talking about the remarkable, palatable, unbeatable and reliable, Dr. Sunday Osasu Olotu, a rare gem, a thorough breed, outstanding public servant of impeccable credentials and a true son of Africa. The entire students from the 54 member countries of our great union bring you their solidarity greetings.
The African Students Union Parliament is the umbrella body that covers all students within the 54 member countries; we have also maintained our prestigious position as the foremost and most vibrant student organization worldwide since our five decades of existence. We have also provided Africa with competent and intellectually equipped leaders to constantly project the concept of Pan-Africanism, one close example is the current minister of Science and Technology in your country, Dr. OgbonnayaOnu who serve this organization as the President during his university days in the United States of America and is still serving as our current Patron.
This hospital has played a leading role improving the psychology, brain capacity and the general mind fitness of Nigerians through effective and qualitative healthcare delivery which is a pre-requisite to national development. Words alone cannot express how grateful we are. We thank you all and also thank specially Dr. Sunday OsasuOlotu for his selfless leadership style geared towards effecting positive change in the mental fitness of not just the people of Edo State or Nigerians but, indeed, Africa, because you are not serving Nigeria alone, you are serving the most populous black nation in the world and the most populous nation in Africa, and if a Nigerian is psychologically sound, it means one out of eight African is sound. I believe you all can now understand why your excellent work here is important to this union.
We the students/youths of Africa wish to humbly request sir, that you and your team should channel your intellectual abilities towards improving the health sector in Nigeria alone, but you should extend it to other African countries through exchange programs, peer review mechanism and regional health conferences because the challenges facing most African countries are same and for us to build the Africa of our collective dreams, we should learn to imbibe the pan-Africanism ideology by viewing our challenges as same.
We have taken our time to scrutinize the new leadership of this important centre of excellence under the distinguished leadership of Dr. Sunday Osasu Olotu and have come to realize that you have all committed your time to serving the common good and it will be fair if we appreciate your efforts with this prestigious honour.
It is on the foregoing note that we, on behalf of all students from the 54 member countries of ASUP present you our instrument of commendation (the Pan African price for excellence).
Indeed, all men are born equal but destiny marks the difference and as such, there exists an obvious economic imbalance in the society. While some privileged ones have chosen to perpetually bask in the euphoria of contentment and hedonism, rate kinds like Dr. Sunday OsasuOlotu, has chosen a path that mitigates the adverse effect of this imbalance by leading a life of benevolence, astute dedication to effective service delivery and Spartan patriotism.
As students and youths of this great continent with sincere commitment and zeal towards making our continent better but with a low financial muscle, we wish to humbly pray for the kind assistance of our amiable recipient for today and this important office to assist us with the logistics of transporting our delegates back to their respective countries and campuses and a discretional assistance towards our 4th phase of campaign against drug abuse among students of higher institutions which is ongoing here in Nigeria. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you:
S = Sincere
U = Understanding
N = Noble
D = Dedicated
A = Astute
Y = Young at heart
O = Outstanding
L = Loveable
L = Loveable
O = Orderly
T = Tested and Trusted
U = Ubiquitous