The Drug Abuse Treatment Education and Research (DATER) Unit provides a comprehensive treatment program for clients who require interventions to quit or contain a psychoactive substance problem.

We are a UNODC accredited model treatment center and a regional training center for training in addiction care for the South-South geopolitical region of Nigeria.

In-patient drug abuse treatment is offered from a purpose built facility having recreation areas, computer room, library, and kitchenette and occupational therapy services. Our out-patient services are offered from the Consultant Out-Patients Department every Friday between 9am and 3.30pm.

Our services include:

1. Comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment planning for clients

2. Detoxification services for a varied array of psychoactive substances

3. Eclectic therapeutic community program

4. Out-patient services

5. Psychotherapeutic interventions

6. Rehabilitation

7. Training in addiction assessment, intervention and management

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