Board of Management

Since 2001 when the Federal Government abrogated the Psychiatric Hospitals Management Board which was an umbrella body controlling psychiatric hospitals in the country, individual management boards for each tertiary health care institution was set up.
Since then, our hospital has had four (4) such boards.
These boards are charged with laying down broad policy guidelines/frame-work for the operations of the institution.

Dr. (Mrs.) Abieyuwa Osemwenkha

Chairman, Rep. Pubic interest

Dr. S. O. Olotu

Medical Director

Dr. Joseph A. Iduh

Member, Rep. the NMA

Pharm. (Mrs.) Joyce A. Ugwu

Member, Rep. FMOH

Mrs. Uloma Mbanaso

Member, Rep. FMOH

Mrs. Wosilat Oladimeji

Member, Rep. FMOH (Retired)

Alhaji Mijiinyawa Shuibu

Member, Rep. Public interest

Adebayo Adisa

Member, Rep. Public interest

Mr. Daniel Efese


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